Brand new cougar (Puma concolor) ‘s the premier of one’s around three wild kitties inside the Canada and you may is actually a formidable huntsman

Brand new cougar (Puma concolor) ‘s the premier of one’s around three wild kitties inside the Canada and you may is actually a formidable huntsman

Cougar Snapshot

they are labeled as mountain lions, pumas and you can panthers. He or she is rigorous carnivores you to definitely primarily feast upon deer and their shipment hence aligns strongly with these one or two deer varieties. This type of kitties try white brownish for the along with and are also quickly recognized by the lightweight lead and you will a long heavy end which is in the that-third the duration of themselves and it has a black tip.

Cougars account for as much as dos,500 calls with the Maintenance Manager Solution reporting line annually, although not many stated cougar sightings come to be pets other than simply cougars. Cougar symptoms have become unusual, but when you come upon an excellent cougar, remain relaxed and never work on. Make yourself browse as big as you can easily and you can back away slow, keeping the cougar because, and you can making it possible for an obvious hop out to the cougar. In the event that assaulted, usually fight back and never “enjoy deceased”. If the take a trip with little ones, pick them up instantaneously. Youngsters are really on the line in the a cougar encounter and additionally they might be taught ideas on how to act rightly (discover “College students and you will Cougars” in the “Safety”) to remain safer.

In order to declaration cougars in conflict, sightings when you look at the towns, or a great cougar proving unusual otherwise aggressive conduct, call the fresh Conservation Officer Service during the step 1-877-952-7277.

Crazy Cougar Factors

  • Cougars normally race to around loveagain Profil 70 kilometres/hour
  • Cougar tunes will run out of claw scratching because they has actually collapsible claws
  • Cougars is widely delivered during the BC and also have the among the largest variety range regarding North hemisphere
  • Cougars would be the biggest crazy felines on state accompanied by lynx and you can bobcat
  • Cougars was tight carnivores that usually search deer however they are identified in order to kill other ungulates particularly sheep, elk and you will moose, including brief mammals


Cougars tend to be white brownish during the along with with light spots underneath the chin and you will underside. They are identified by the lightweight lead and enough time hefty tail that’s throughout the you to definitely-3rd along their body features a black colored suggestion. Cougar tunes has large stitched prints and no claws showing. Like residential kittens, cougars remain the claws retracted up until required for fighting their target otherwise hiking woods.


Cougars is actually solitary pet in this they don’t really cooperate which have anyone else to have endurance intentions with the exception of when lady that are increasing its more youthful and when mating. However, current studies show you to definitely relevant cougars commonly mingle briefly during the eliminate internet sites. Cougars will normally spouse year round in western Canada there’s a boost in mating and you may birthing anywhere between May and you will October.

They often enjoys any where from that six pets however, around three is the average. Pets continue to be along with their moms and dads up until he is 11 to 18 days dated and you will after that usually disperse finding an alternative town to repay inside the. Males tend to get-off first and will wander enough time ranges while you are lady have a tendency to accept within this and you will around the town in which these people were created.

Cougars is carnivores as well as their chief prey is mule and you will white-tailed deer; they also prey on some other ungulates included in its range and additionally . Within the wintertime nevertheless they prey up on moose, beavers and also porcupines. With the unusual occasions they have been registered to kill small mammals, wild birds and you can reptiles.

As the deer are among the cougar’s no. 1 dining source, there’s a great possibility of selecting cougars playing with an area where deer are plentiful, particularly an effective wintering city.

High victim takes a number of days for eating and the cougar will eliminate dirt along side carcass to store off scavengers. The newest cougar will remain near a kill webpages, back again to it daily up until the prey is totally ate. For those who encounter a kill, log off the space immediately and statement the location so you can local authorities as well as the BC Maintenance Administrator Provider on step one-877-952-7277.

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